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Why Airlander?

Multidomain Excellence

Able to remain airborne for up to five days with a three-tonne mission payload, Airlander 10 transforms operational performance.

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Technical specification

Airlander 10

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Payload Capacity

Large and flexible payload space for multi-sensor capabilities

Austere Operations

Deployable worldwide without traditional airfield infrastructure

Powerful Persistence

Multi-day missions for efficient multi-domain awareness and effects

News & stories

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Cabin mock up
20 May 19

HAV Reserves Production Slots

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02 Jun 19

Technology Readiness Level 7

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31 May 19

Airlander Modelled in NATO Trial

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Airlander take off
25 Apr 19

Airlander takes step toward electric propulsion

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04 Oct 18

HAV Awarded Design Organisation Approval

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