The team at Hybrid Air Vehicles has re-examined the basic principles behind Lighter-Than-Air Science and applied modern technology and materials to this 100 year old concept.

The result is a range of revolutionary products with global market potential – demand is being driven, in particular, by changing commercial & environmental requirements...



The Unblinking Eye

20,000ft for 21 days with a payload of 1 tonne

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Hybrid Air Vehicles is the world’s leading developer of the next generation of lighter-than-air craft. Based in the UK, it can draw on 30 years of modern airship development. HAV is currently developing 2 types of airship:

  • 1) A prototype long-endurance aircraft that can stay airborne, manned for 5 days at a time and provide a stable platform for communications, geological survey, academic research, surveillance or filming.
  • 2) A heavy lift aircraft to transport 50 tonnes of equipment to any area in the world. The HAV can land on water, ice and desert as well as more traditional surfaces and is likely to be useful for mining, oil & gas and aid or disaster relief.

Hybrid Air Vehicles provide a sustainable, viable and cost-effective aerospace platform for a number of applications. HAVs complement conventional aircraft and ships, and our vision is for them to form part of a comprehensive transport network which reduces the economic cost of transport and provides greener solutions to our future transport needs.

The growing concern by governments, organisations and individuals over the consumption of natural resources naturally leads to aerostatic (lighter than air) principles to reduce both the energy cost and the financial operating cost of some of our transport requirements. The Hybrid nature of HAV’s aircraft means they benefit from the efficiencies of being both lighter-than-air and having lift generated from its aerodynamic shape.

how does it work
Aerostatic lift

Aerodynamic Lift Typ. +40%

Increases lift efficiency

Aerodynamic lift

Vectored Thrust Lift  Typ. +/- 25%

Principally for T/O & landing

Vectored thrust lift

Buoyant Lift Typ. +60%

Provides zero energy lift for long-endurance flight

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